Keynote Speaking

For close to twenty years, Kevin has been successfully educating and entertaining an extremely demanding audience of presidents and CEOs from around the world. He is well known for his regular appearance at the annual Global Leadership Conference of the Young Presidents’ Organization and is a highly rated speaker who has delivered keynotes in the U.S., Canada, India, South Africa and Latin America.

Kevin combines energy, warmth, humor, and life experience in a unique blend that wins the hearts and minds of the audience. Kevin is also known for his creative development of talks and programs that target the specific requirements and conditions of the groups he speaks for. As one client said, “He gets it, he got us, and he delivered.”

Kevin’s signature presentation, The Honest Executive, can be delivered as a 45- to 90-minute keynote or a half-day seminar.

Executive Coaching

Talented executives are hard to find and retain. Even those who have all the skills needed for the job often face leadership and communication challenges. Highly effective in a wide variety of situations, executive coaching and one-to-one facilitation is helping executives:

  • Build trust and increase honesty in their relationships with their direct reports.

  • Stretch outside their comfort zone to overcome their discomfort with being more open, authentic leaders.

  • Modify leadership style to become more effective at working through relationship challenges and broaden their capability to connect with and influence peers and staff with various styles.

Management Off-Sites

High-performance cultures are based on trust. It starts at the top and works its way through the organization.

But when trust in the executive team is underdeveloped, compromised or undermined, companies pay a big cost. Decisions take longer and are of lower quality, buy-in becomes more about lip service than sincerity, and unresolved conflicts and hidden tensions thrive.

Based on over twenty years of working with CEOs and executive teams, from Fortune 500 companies to closely held family businesses, Kevin effectively accelerates trust and improves truthful dialogue. Through a customized off-site, executives and their teams increase self-awareness, engage in more open discussion, build trust and learn skills for maintaining and repairing relationships. These in-depth off-sites tackle the “elephants in the room,” taboo topics and sacred cows in a safe and useful manner.

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