The Honest Executive eBook

The Honest Executive is for CEOs and senior executives who are looking to master honesty within themselves and with their colleagues, staff and customers. This is not a book about honesty as it relates to business ethics, or an MBA course on communications. It is a book about the power of truthfulness, the aptitude and skills it takes to execute it effectively, and living more honestly by finding and embracing the deeper purpose of one’s life.

This book explores the undeniable increase in effectiveness that leaders who have a strong sense of their own overarching purpose bring to all their relationships in the C-suite.

Sheer Clarity Exercises


“Any Time You’re Stuck” Questions

A great place to start when you’re not sure what to do.

Just Who Are You?

This exercise can be done in small groups to help members get to know each other at a deeper level. In larger groups, use break outs of 2 to 4 members to share the exercise. Return to the larger group to share and debrief.

Behavioral Assessment

Using the DISC/Motivator’s behavioral assessment tool, individuals complete a confidential, web based, multiple-choice questionnaire, which takes approximately 15-20 minutes. The completed profile provides an objective, analytical confirmation of how you are wired and what you value, as well as a roadmap for increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence.


Kevin is a long-time educational resource for the internationally recognized Young Presidents’ Organization and its graduate group, The World Presidents’ Organization. Kevin is a featured presenter at their annual Global Leadership Conference and works with various chapters throughout the year.

Prior to founding JKM Management Development, Kevin was President and CEO of a capital goods distribution company and founder of the Plymouth Candle Company, a chain of retail stores selling candles and accessories.

Throughout these businesses, his desire to leverage open and honest dialogue with those with whom he worked remained a prominent feature in his professional pursuits. Kevin counts the awareness that arose from his time as a CEO as critical to the work he does today.

Sheer Clarity with J. Kevin McHugh