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Join business leadership consultant J.Kevin McHugh as he puts you on the executive coaching couch, sharing strategies that will help C-Suite Executives and other leaders develop trusting, honest, and healthy relationships at work and at home.

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Advance your journey to becoming a Leader by Attraction. What if people:

  • Felt immediately drawn towards your calm, caring, and compassionate demeanor?
  • Could be open, honest, and completely transparent with you and you invited challenges to your way of thinking without a hint of defensiveness?
  • Respected and admired the way you treat others, no matter where they fall on the socio-economic scale or rank on the org chart?
  • Saw you project strength, confidence, and courage without a trace of ego?


It all starts with you gaining Sheer Clarity. Self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-reflection are the foundation. Whether you think you’ve been on top of your game for 30+ years, or you’re just starting the long journey to self-discovery, Kevin will guide you to become a more confident, thoughtful and compassionate leader. He has helped more than 3,500 CEO’s and their direct reports. His powerful stories and institutional experiences will help you connect with yourself and tap into the best you have to offer. You will get – Sheer Clarity, and be on your way to becoming a Leader by Attraction.

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